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Preparatory phase for completion of administrative formalities Completing the paperwork requires preparation upstream, to avoid surprises, and especially to budget the costs related thereto. In fact, information such as the turnover, the list of equipment that will be used in the project or activity, or the nature of the releases resulting from the activity will make it possible to know the formalities that will be required both in phase d implementation only in the exploitation phase, or the eligibility of the project to the benefits granted by the incentives. The information resulting from the preparation of the market study will provide a good estimate of turnover; those resulting from the production plan will allow identification of equipment (including pressure and lifting equipment that is subject to regulation), the necessary human resource and the identification of generated waste; finally, the financial study will make it possible to calculate all the expenses, in particular the identification and the calculation of the tax burdens.
Find here the administrative formalities required for your project or activity in the start-up or implementation phase: You will find in the list below the administrative formalities in the phase of starting or implantation of your activity or project:

What are the incentives?

Incentives within the meaning of legal texts, are all facilities, tax, customs and material benefits granted to domestic or foreign private investors, to any economic operator, large, small and medium-sized enterprises, in order to reduce the costs of setting up and operating their project over a specific period or throughout the life of the activity.

The activities concerned by the incentives:

  1. packaging and storage of products of plant, animal or fish origin;
  3. tourism and leisure activities;
  5. social economy and craftsmanship;
  7. housing and social housing;
  9. agribusiness,
  11. manufacturing industries;
  13. heavy industry;
  15. the building materials industry;
  17. the iron and steel industry;
  19. metal construction;
  21. maritime and navigation activities;
  23. the supply of energy and water;
  25. regional development and decentralization;
  27. the fight against pollution and the protection of the environment;
  29. Innovative technologies and research development;
  31. Export Promotion;
  33. Employment Promotion and Vocational Training.
  35. agriculture, fishing, breeding;

Generally any company that meets one of the following criteria:

  1. job creation for Cameroonians, during the exploitation phase, and according to the size of the enterprise and the sector of activity, up to a job at least for every five (05) million from CFA francs to twenty-five (25) million CFA francs of programmed investments, as the case may be;
  3. annual export activity of 10 to 25% of turnover excluding taxes;
  5. use of national natural resources up to 10-25% of the value of inputs;
  7. Value added contribution of 10 to 30% of turnover excluding taxes.

The benefits granted by the incentives:

To see the benefits of the incentives, we invite you to Read this article

Specific formalities required for your project: They are classified here according to the sectors of activity:
  1. the Primary Sector which includes the specific formalities of agricultural activity including the marketing of products serving agriculture, forestry, fishing, breeding and hunting
  2. the Secondary Sector includes all industrial activities (processing, manufacturing), the mining and energy industry, including the services that accompany them
  3. the tertiary sector includes services and trade in general.

Identify the sector of activity in which your project is located then access the related procedures in CLICK HERE

The common formalities required for your project: Common administrative formalities relate to the safety and environmental standards of facilities, equipment, products and releases related to the activity. The consultation of our database will allow you to know if your activity is subject to an environmental impact study, if it is subject to the authorization of establishment and exploitation of classified establishment or if it depends on a standard made mandatory. Access COMMON FORMALITIES  
What taxes are payable on your activity or project? There are here common taxes and specific taxes. In general, the payment of specific taxes is without prejudice to the payment of common taxes, such as the patent, the corporate tax, etc.

See the tax list.