Presentation of the Administrative Forms Canvas

Completing the administrative formalities of companies sometimes requires complex procedures with the administrative services. This complexity is due to the multiplicity of procedures specific to each administration. In addition, you need to know the regulations that govern these formalities; which is not obvious because the regulations are not in the same place. Completing the formalities is therefore perceived as a nuisance.

To remedy this, we propose a Canvas that indicates step by step what to do what is required and what is not. As a result, it facilitates the completion of administrative procedures. To further understand the reasons for setting up this template view this article.

This Canvas of corporate red tape is a thread of the formalities related to the life of the ‘business. It is therefore far from exhaustive and can not replace all existing Administrative Procedure Guides. It highlights the stages of completion of the administrative formalities of companies: the administrative formalities of creation; accreditation to incentives, common and specific complementary implementation formalities, and the obligations of these in their operating phase. To use this template, just go through each step.

You can access the paperwork ONLINE or by DOWNLOADING it.